pp375 – NAD מגבר סטראו


Although it may look small and unassuming, the PP 375 is a remarkable, dealer-installed module that integrates a high performance phono input with our top Classic Series Integrated Amps, the C 375BEE and the C 356BEE. This high performance phono stage supports both low and high output moving coil cartridges, as well as the broad selection of moving magnet and moving iron cartridges on the market today. Thanks to the PP 375’s RIAA filter, you’ll hear your favourite vinyl records richly and clearly without having to worry about noise and distortion. Employing NAD’s Modular Design Construction (MDC), the PP 375 also allows for future upgrades, insuring that your unit will never fall behind on the latest technologies. Efficient and reliable, the PP 375 is the perfect companion for any turntable setup.

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